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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Pyramid Scheme

If you are reading this, you were born at the top of the pyramid scheme, and if you're a bastard you'll stay there.

Capitalism is a fucked up thing. Sure if you're at the top you think it's cool, that's cause you're not being fucked in the ass by it, and you are oblivious to who is, people who work bad factory jobs and pick rice all day on minimum wage, whilst the big shots sit in banks and rake in money for doing nothing.

You know what the funniest part about it is? The people at the bottom are happier than the people at the top. They don't need money to be happy, because they don't have it.
The rich have money, and everything is fake.


  1. Its more of a diamond imo, more middle class people, and the people at the bottom have it rough...

    i like your thinking btw ill be supporting :)

  2. Diamond is a good analogy. Like it!

  3. yeah i learnt this in college had a great sociology teacher :P

  4. Lol, completely agree though. The system sucks!