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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Full Tilt's rush poker strategy guide

I've been playing Full Tilt's relatively new "rush poker".

Now, I'm definitely not a pro at poker, but I've been playing for the last 3 years so I know quite a bit about it. I started on $10 and am now on $40, playing just dottedly through the week. And the strategy to use in rush poker is not too different than normal No limit holdem.

If you know anything about poker, you know position is key. Skip this part if you know about positioning.

If you have to act first then you have to at least show something about your cards (hand).
If you check they can consider you weak, if you bet they can consider you have a strong hand. But when you act first, you are scared that the person acting behind you (after) will have a stronger hand.
So the fact is, when you do go first even if you have the nuts (the best hand) you're gonna check it (not bet)(on the flop. raise it preflop), because the person in a better position is likely to bet into you thinking you are weak, and therefore building the pot (more money).

In rush poker, if you are at least 3 spots away from under the gun (one to left of big blind), and you plan on going into the hand, and no-one behind you has raised, then RAISE. EVERY FUCKING TIME.

If you go into the hand and no-one has raised. RAISE. RAISE. 3-4* the size of the big blind.
Anything from J9 to AA definitely raise on the button or the cutoff, likelyhood is the bb will fold or you can try and bluff them if you don't hit on the flop. They are in a worse position. You can always escape if they are acting strong.
The fact is, when you are in position, you don't have to have a good hand to win, but if you are not in position, then you must have a good hand to win.

Because this game is so quick, the likelyhood is that they either;
A: Won't risk calling you because they have a mediocre hand, and they can quickly move into the next game, you stealing their blinds.
B: Call you in a worse position (hopefully), and you can bet into them on the flop and hope they missed the flop or you hit it.
or C: They re-raise you and you can just easily fold, or whatever depending on your hand strength.

When you get to the flop, depending on how many people are in the pot, BET. Now some of the time you will be called, depending on your hand strength and ballsiness, and the preflop raise size, bet AGAIN on the turn. Not a weak bet either. If the preflop raise was high, then people are more committed to the pot and don't want to lose, possibly out of ego.

In good position, or BB, CALL A RAISE with suited connectors, or any other nice low carded hands, or small PP.

Because in rush poker you can pretty much tell most players are playing tight aggressive. This means you know what they are holding. AT-AA. Maybe smaller PP (pairs) like 77-TT.

When they have AA and a flop like 457 comes out, you think they are folding AA to your 68? No way. If they only raised 3* the bb, you can easily fold, but when you DO hit a straight, good flush draw or two pair, you can double up.

When you are on the BB, and you don't have complete shit, call a reasonable raise from the SB. You are in position on him. Possibly even try and outplay him.

Play tight in bad positions, play looser in better positions, and play a bit crazy with lower connectors against (low) raisers.


  1. Awesome post man, I suck so bad at poker, maybe Ill use some of this next time I try to play

  2. gotta try that in online poker.
    i hope you're right with it.

    best wishes