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Sunday, 24 October 2010

New banner for Spamtheweb and Adventure Time episode "It came from the nightosphere" watch online!

Check out this AWESOME 250*250 banner made for my website, by Damien!

This link will show you towards where you can watch the episode "It came from the nightosphere" absolutely free :). This episode is the first in Season 2 of Adventure Time. Stream it online from megavideo! Click here.

Jake the Dog

Jake is my favourite character, rivalled by Finn obviously.

The sense of humour of Jake is so witty. And the random requests like "I'm only saving the babies" and "I will do this for you but only if you speak in rhyme."

It's what sets this show apart from the others, the humour. And this dog is perfect for it.
It's like what would happen if a 28 year old man really was friends with a 12 year old boy, except, like, that's not cool in modern society dude. With all the kiddy touching shit going down, only a dog character could get away with it.

Also I love his chops.

Adventure Time Moved to /forum.

WE MOVED! Oh em gee. My friends helped me move so if you weren't there you weren't my friend.

We moved to Yeah it's kind of contradictory to have the "forum" in the domain name and then do a /forum, to confuse you slightly more. But I'm planning to actually like, host this blog on their too. It will stay here as well. Don't worry guys.

Love you. Except you.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Niche Websites

I made a niche website today, through some research I found wedding bridesmaids were being underpresented... So I made a site here...

;). Yeah, It's kind of gay. Shut up.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Adventure Time - What is it about?

If you don't know what Adventure Time is yet, here's a quick summary.


Basically it is a kids cartoon, but with subtle adult humour. It was created by a guy named Pendleton Ward who is obviously awesome. It kind of reminds me of Ren and Stimpy, but not as creepy, and more aesthetic animation.

There is two main characters, Finn, a 12 year old boy, who considers himself quite the hero, saving princesses and fighting monsters for the good of the world.
His sidekick is a gnarly, witty dog named Jake, who is 28.

Between them they find Adventures wherever they go, and it is usually hilarious.

I'm 20. And it makes me laugh. So if it doesn't make you laugh comment here and I will pay you 10 internets.

Click here to watch some episodes for free! (My site, no ads or anything!)

I made a Twitter!!/pickleyonline

Also I made a new little guy for the top of the page. Jake. He is 28.

Adventure Time - Donny The Jerk.

I love this episode.

Also here's a funny reaction picture of Finn.